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About Integrative Life

Integrative Life Services LLC is a Denver based integrative health practice group providing mindfulness and yoga based psychotherapy, life and mindful eating coaching, counseling and other evidence based services. We serve local and worldwide clients, providing coaching, counseling, training and consultation services.

We were founded in 2001 by Erica Viggiano LCSW, C-IAYT, RDN, CACIII, E-RYT 500,  to respond to the need in the mental health field for innovative and evidence based therapeutic, coaching and professional development Services.   We specialize in helping individuals and groups use state of the art, integrative practices to more fully reach their innate potential.

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Yoga Teachers !   Join Erica April 26-28 for a workshop at the Freyja Project in Highlands:

Trauma Aware and Inclusive Yoga:  An Immersion for Yoga Teachers

This workshop is designed specifically for yoga teachers looking to learn more about creating an environment in yoga classes that is more inclusive and sensitive to trauma survivors.

-Learn how to make any yoga class more sensitive and inclusive for trauma survivors.

-Understand the latest neuroscience and how yoga helps people heal from trauma.

-Understand practices and sequences that bring about neurological balance.

-Practice new teaching tools for teaching in a trauma sensitive and inclusive manner.

-Explore how the path of becoming a teacher of trauma sensitive yoga may fit for you.

Early sign up is encouraged !

This workshop is capped at ten students

Investment $250.00

Sign up at the Freyja Project

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Are you ready to reclaim the wisdom of your body and make peace with food ? Mindful and Intuitive Eating guides us back into holding tomatoes Smallconnection with our internal body cues, helps us give ourselves permission to enjoy food and overcome emotional eating.  

Join us for a discussion and practice session focused on the

10 principles of “Intuitive Eating”. 

March 18, 2014



Each of our Practice sessions will include -discussion of a topic related to Mindful and Intuitive Eating and:

-Guided Mindful Awareness and Mindful Eating Practices
-Mindful Hunger Awareness Practices
-Body focused practices to connect us with our true needs

Many of our community members have requested to meet monthly- please come with your ideas and feel free to propose topics and readings for future meetups !

Click here for the “10 Principles of Intuitive Eating”

Please register at our group’s Mindful and Intuitive Eating Meetup !


Nourished Health Center

1740 Marion St. Denver



About the Facilitator:


Mindfulness practices have shaped Erica’s personal and professional life for many years.  She is passionate about sharing this path with clients, coaches and other healing professionals.   Erica has been  using mindfulness-based approaches to help people develop healthy relationships with body,  mind and food for over 25 years.  Her journey as a  clinical nutritionist led her toward  integrative work as a psychotherapist, yoga teacher and mind body health coach.  Through Integrative Life Services,,  she uses mindfulness based approaches to help adults, adolescents, families and professionals 


find rich and balanced ways to live.


 Feel free to send  questions ! or


 or 303-733-9519







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By popular demand ! We will get together to read Eating Mindfully – How to End Mindless Eating and eating mindfully book image copyEnjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food
by Dr. Susan Albers.

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