Mind Body Self Regulation Yoga® Therapy

Mind Body Self Regulation Yoga® therapy is a somatic (mind-body) intervention that can be utilized as a group or with individuals.IMG_2583_2 feet smaller

We are excited that pilot data we have collected over the last 10 years indicates that Mind Body Self Regulation Yoga® therapy is a promising way to help people feel more in charge of their emotions and their lives.



Mind Body Self Regulation Yoga® therapy is a somatic intervention delivered in an 8 session 90 minute group format delivered over 8 weeks. This primarily non-verbal therapy targets the need for somatic self regulation skills in people healing from trauma and addiction related challenges. This somatic psycho-therapeutic model can also be delivered in an individual format.

  1. Each group intervention begins with a sensory and somatic check in where participants are guided and encouraged become familiar with the physiological experience of their breath and body. They are invited to reflect on their experience in verbal and/or written form which is always optional.
  1. In each group a skill or focus is introduced and is then explored and practiced through physical and breathing forms drawn from mindfulness meditation, yogic breathing, and hatha yoga postures. These experiences are guided in a trauma sensitive manner drawing from parameters outlined in TCTSY (Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga *)
  1. At the close of the experiential and somatic practice session, participants are again invited to reflect on their experience in a focused verbal and/or written form. Any verbal sharing is again focused on helping the participants integrate their somatic experiences of the practices and what they experienced for the day.
  1. Participants are invited to voluntarily pay attention to aspects of their experiences or try certain practices in a self guided manner between groups.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Mind Body Self Regulation Yoga® therapy. We would be happy to discuss your interest in bringing this therapy to your program or site. We also offer training in this modality and other ways of integrating mind body (somatic) practices into psychotherapy.

* Emerson, D., & Hopper, E. (2011). Overcoming trauma through yoga: Reclaiming your body. Berkeley, CA, US: North Atlantic Books.