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No one is ever really taught by another; each of us has to teach himself. The external teacher offers only the suggestion, which arouses the internal teacher, who helps us to understand…”      ~Vivekananda

Professional Consultation Group Starting:

Yoga and Mindfulness in Psychotherapy

April 8, 2014  6:30-8pm

1740 Marion Street Denver

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Clinical Consultation:  Yoga Psychotherapy and Mind Body Therapy

Erica Viggiano, our founder,  has been practicing in the trauma, addiction, adult and adolescent mental health field for over 20 years.  As a Multisystemic therapy consultant for over 12 years she is an expert in developing and implementing clinical and organizational practices that support evidence based care.  She has been actively developing innovative mind body and somatic interventions with adults and adolescent trauma survivors for the past 10 years and provides clinical consultation to therapists and therapists trained as yoga teachers.  Erica is also trained as a trainer to teach therapists motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavior therapy.

Please contact us if you are interested in clinical consultation to integrate yoga or other mind body practices in your psychotherapy practice.

Program Development and Technical Assistance:  Trauma Sensitive Yoga

We offer assistance in developing your organizational capacity to provide trauma sensitive yoga and other forms of yoga psychotherapy in specialized inpatient, residential or outpatient treatment settings.  Please contact us to discuss your interest in organizational support, technical assistance or staff training.

Partial list of clients who have benefited from program development and Training Services:

-Rape Assistance and Awareness Program- Denver Colorado

-Betty K Marler Youth Services Center/Rite of Passage- Denver Colorado

-Southwest Family Guidance Center – Albuquerque New Mexico

“Erica’s guidance and leadership have been instrumental in my efforts to introduce trauma-sensitive yoga to the clients at RAAP. Erica represents the rare provider who utilizes her strong clinical skills and her in-depth understanding of trauma to inform the gentle yoga and mindfulness techniques she offers. Moreover, Erica herself is approachable, centered, and passionate about the treatment modalities she conveys to clients. I would recommend her supervision to anyone interested in instituting a trauma-sensitive yoga program in their agency or private practice.”

-Meghann McCluskey LCSW, RYT

Professional Training and Workshops

We schedule training throughout the year in Denver to support mental health professionals and para professional in integrating mindfulness and yoga based skills into their practice.  Please visit our events page or contact us to learn about upcoming trainings.