What is Coaching ?

What is coaching?Coaching is a dynamic change process that occurs within a partnership between you and the coach. You may hire a coach to assist you in improving your health and quality of life, building more satisfying relationships, transforming your career or taking your business to the next level. A coach is interested more in “what is right about you” rather than what is wrong. Through a collaborative process of inquiry and visioning, a coach can help you create action steps to move your hopes and dreams into the life you want.

What is a coach?

A coach is a personal support person who is skilled in asking powerful questions that will enable you to think differently about how to reach your goals or overcome barriers you’ve come to in the past. A coach helps you acquire a clearer vision of what you want and what it would look (and feel) like to arrive there. A coach can help you clarify the best path and process to take to live the life you want. Then they provide support, skillful guidance and a sounding board to help you persist and remain inspired along the way.

What does a coach do?

Professional coaches specialize in many different areas. Our approach at Integrative Life Services is consistent with the way many coaches practice. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Inquire and Explore: Ask powerful questions that will help you clarify your truth or your vision
  • Take Action: Help you create and take action steps that will move you toward the results you want
  • Troubleshoot: Help you overcome obstacles you may meet or places where you “get stuck”
  • Strategize: Find practical ways to move around obstacles and make them valuable parts of your path
  • Reflect: Mirror back an “accounting” of what’s working or not working in your efforts
  • Inspire: Help you keep your energy directed to those things most aligned with your values
  • Stretch: Find non-judgmental ways to help you stretch yourself in ways you might not consider or complete on your own
  • Celebrate: Celebrate your successes and use them as key springboards for moving forward. Provide support and encouragement, inspiring you to continue your path

How is coaching different than counseling or psychotherapy?

Coaching is focused on manifesting changes you want to bring about in your life and life situations – transforming your way of “being” in your life and the life you attract. Although this is also true of counseling or psychotherapy, coaching is not designed to help you heal from a health condition or emotional challenges. If challenges that would be better alleviated with counseling or psychotherapy arise in coaching, then your coach will discuss options and possible referrals that are best suited to help you move forward.

How do I get started?

If you think coaching may be right for you please contact us for a complimentary 20 minute consultation.