Mind Body Health Coaching

What is mind-body health coaching?


Mind-body health coaching can help you build more health and vitality into the way you take care of yourself.   Whether you want to make your current health routine more sustainable and joyful, or you want to transform a troubling relationship with food and your body, a coach can help you go further than you might on your own.  Mindfulness practice is at the center of our approach as it has been found to support individuals in creating more balanced and sustainable change in a variety of health related behaviors.  As a form of life coaching, mind body health coaching puts you in the driver’s seat where you can create and live the change you want.

Mindful Eating Coaching

I’ve been using a mindful and intuitive approach to help people create healthy relationships with food and their body since the late 1980s.  Since this time the benefits of mindful eating and the pitfalls of conventional diets have been documented even more extensively by contemporary science.   This approach can help you bring balance and self acceptance into the way your approach your health and well being.  Learning to eat more mindfully and intuitively is particularly helpful for people who have compulsive or binge eating challenges, or if you consider yourself a stress or emotional eater.

What is your approach?

I have been using a mindfulness and intuitively based approach to lifestyle change around food, nutrition and movement for over 20 years. In this approach we re-define success around markers of health and well being that go beyond simply striving for weight loss-  bringing a wholistic focus on other important areas of life into balance.    Through mindfulness practices we can learn to trust and listen to hunger and satiety cues, what kind of movement feels good and what kinds of food we are truly attracted to.  Balancing this internal awareness with external guidance around food and healthy nutrition is central to creating and sustaining a more peaceful and integrated relationship with body and mind.

What is included in individual coaching?

  • Telephone session or skype sessions, or in person if you choose, in the Denver Metro Area
  • Movement work and mindfulness instruction as indicated in a comfortable private studio (Denver clients)
  • Periodic short term check ins by phone between sessions
  • Coaching and support by email in between sessions
  • Linkages with resources during sessions
  • Activities and worksheets to support discovery between sessions
  • Linkages with resources via email between sessions
  • Non-Judgmental and unconditional support
  • Experiential guidance with visualization, or mindfulness practice

How will I know if you are the right coach for me?

A coaching relationship is a unique partnership which requires openness and collaboration from both you and me. It is very important that you feel a comfortable connection. If I am not a suitable match for you, I will do my best to connect you with someone who is.

How long is a coaching session?

Coaching typically takes place during 50 minute telephone sessions but can include 30 minute sessions based on how frequently we are meeting and the nature of what we’re working on.

What type of packages do you offer?

I don’t use set packages or programs; more frequent sessions may help you achieve more accelerated change, while less frequent sessions can be scheduled if you feel confident in your ability to guide yourself between sessions.

How do I get started?

Contact us for a complimentary 20 minute telephone session. We will discuss your hopes and wishes for coaching and your life, and determine what kind of plan will match your schedule and your goals.

If you decide you would like to start coaching I will send you some materials to complete before our first session and we will begin the journey together.