Workplace Coaching


Do you supervise or manage others? Do you run a small business where you oversee the work of others?  Would you like to interact more effectively with your coworkers ?   Have you ever wished you had a sounding board or partner who could help you navigate your own opportunities and challenges-  or in managing and motivating others?

Due to it’s success in shaping new leaders and improving business performance, coaching is now part of mainstream executive and corporate culture. But work oriented and managerial coaching is not just for corporations or executives!

Whether you work in a small business or service oriented environment, whether you manage small or larger groups of people, or whether you would just like to interact for effectively with your coworkers, coaching can provide you with the objectivity and support needed to broaden your perspective and take your skills to the next level.

A workplace coach can help you:

  • Motivate your employees/supervisees to invest more in their work
  • Build effective communication skills
  • Create systems and techniques for managing/supervising more effectively
  • Get better results in your business or professional life
  • Feel more gratified and effective in your role as a leader
  • Create happier self directed employees or staff
  • Build morale and positive climate in your work group
  • Understand what is motivating or driving the behavior of others in your workplace and redirect “stuck” patterns of functioning
  • Develop strategies that can benefit both your bottom line and the values of your employees or colleagues
  • Overcome roadblocks in managerial and supervisory relationships
  • Increase or maintain your professional success by creating a healthier work relationships
  • Improve staff retention by creating a high functioning work environment
  • Look at challenging or frustrating aspects of your role as learning opportunities

If you think a workplace coach may be right for you please contact us for a complementary 20 minute consultation.